The Astros manage to mar Jose Altuve's batting title by being the Astros

For a group of smart people, the Astros do a lot of stupid things. They proved it again with their micromanaging of Jose Altuve’s chase for the batting title.

Jeter's final home game and its symbolism (Part 2)

The Yankees have celebrated Derek Jeter’s career and now they can go about cleaning up the mess they currently are. But they won’t. They’ll follow their flawed business plan and succeed only in making matters worse.

Jeter's final home game and its symbolism, Part I

You can read about the Derek Jeter storybook drama anywhere. Here you’ll read about how the Yankees rise and fall can be viewed along the time line of Jeter’s career.

Keith Olbermann's Derek Jeter rant was a contradiction hinging on one's viewpoint

Keith Olbermann was dead accurate with his characterization of Derek Jeter during his farewell tour, but that is ignoring the reality behind Jeter’s entire career.

Blaming Frank Wren for the Braves conveniently absolves John Schuerholz

The Braves have fired GM Frank Wren in a move that conveniently glosses over the frailties of team president John Schuerholz.

Goodell: Acting like a president, functioning as a royal press secretary

Roger Goodell tries to put forth the image of a president, but is in reality little more than a functionary for the NFL owners.

‘The worst week in NFL history’ or just an eye-catching headline?

The NFL is turtling to protect itself. They’ll make some publicly sellable changes, but won’t really change much at all.

The Yankees really can't be planning to pitch Tanaka, can they?

There is no benefit to the Yankees pitching Masahiro Tanaka before the season ends. They’re not making the playoffs and it makes no sense in any context.

MLB GMs and managers on the hot seat and predictions – National League

The National League has numerous managers and GMs who might be in serious trouble. Predictions on who stays, who goes and who replaces them.

MLB GMs and managers on the hot seat and predictions – American League

American League managers and GMs who may be on the hot seat are many. Here are predictions as to which will survive and who might replace those who don’t.