The Yankees really can't be planning to pitch Tanaka, can they?

There is no benefit to the Yankees pitching Masahiro Tanaka before the season ends. They’re not making the playoffs and it makes no sense in any context.

MLB GMs and managers on the hot seat and predictions – National League

The National League has numerous managers and GMs who might be in serious trouble. Predictions on who stays, who goes and who replaces them.

MLB GMs and managers on the hot seat and predictions – American League

American League managers and GMs who may be on the hot seat are many. Here are predictions as to which will survive and who might replace those who don’t.

Ray Rice's wife was beaten, now she's being browbeaten

There’s a frenzy telling Ray Rice’s wife how to live her life and it’s all based on hypocrisy and selfish arrogance.

More bad public relations for the Astros

One one level, firing the double-A manager isn’t a big deal - unless you’re the Astros and have had a disastrous season on the field and in public relations.

The Yankees can keep Cashman or fire Cashman - what's the difference?

Unless the Yankees make structural changes to the way they do business, there’s no difference in who the GM is.

Why firing Bo Porter made sense for the Astros

The Astros had one and only choice to settle the differences between manager Bo Porter and GM Jeff Luhnow: fire Porter.

How the Astros' gaffes and infighting affects Jeff Luhnow

Jeff Luhnow was once bulletproof in running the Astros. That is slowly changing.

Internal discord interrupts the Astros' grand plans

The Astros have had a bad year and it got slightly worse as it was reported that manager Bo Porter has been having issues with general manager Jeff Luhnow. How can this affect the club’s rebuild and what will happen to the participants?

The Belichick luck

Bill Belichick is an all-time great NFL head coach. He’s also been inordinately lucky since he took over the Patriots.