Analysis of the Mets' trade of Ike Davis

The Mets needed to trade Ike Davis and the Pirates couldn’t continue with Travis Ishikawa as their lefty-hitting first baseman. The deal was best for everyone involved for a multitude of reasons.

How rebuilding American League teams are faring in 2014

There’s more than one way to rebuild a team. These are the various American League teams rebuilding, how they’re doing and how it’s going.

Dirk Hayhurst's piece on racism in baseball

Is the drop from Mariano Rivera to pitcher X the biggest in baseball history?

Looking through the best players in baseball history by position, the argument could be made that the most precipitous drop has been from Mariano Rivera to the pitchers that are trying to replace him.

For the Yankees, a bad day or an ominous warning sign?

The Yankees got hammered yesterday and much of the blame was placed at the limited area which Derek Jeter can now cover defensively. Criticizing Jeter - even justifiably - has turned into an extensive preamble with jock sniffing, laudatory compliments and idol worship. None of that covers the fact that he can barely move at shortstop and is 40-years-old.

The Daniel Murphy paternity controversy

Daniel Murphy and any MLB player has the collectively bargained right to three days paternity leave. End of story.

Eduardo Nunez goes from Eliot Ness to Houdini

Eduardo Nunez was once considered untouchable by the Yankees. Now they’ve made him disappear and still won’t admit that their evaluation about him was wrong.

Jose Reyes, his unsurprising hamstring injury and the Mets

Inexplicably, there are still Mets fans who complain about the team not giving Jose Reyes and his oft-injured hamstrings over $100 million so he could be on their disabled list rather than the disabled list of the Blue Jays.

2014 MLB teams ripe to disappoint

There are several teams in MLB who have high expectations for 2014. Given their circumstances, maybe they shouldn’t.

Clayton Kershaw's injury and the new market inefficiency

Clayton Kershaw is everything you’d want in a pitcher. But he’s in the first year of his new $215 million contract and already he’s hurt. Maybe teams should explore a new market inefficiency and simply refused to give big money to pitchers completely.