Are the Astros promoting Mark Appel to Double-A as a distractive device?

GIven the public roasting that Astros have taken over the past week for failing to sign top overall pick Brady Aiken, are they trying to cause a distraction by promoting last year’s first overall pick Mark Appel even if he might not deserve it? If so, it’s a bigger problem than not signing Aiken.

With a trade for Troy Tulowitzki, it’s either all-in or all-out and the Mets need to go all-in

There are no in betweens in certain situations. It’s either all-in or all-out. In spite of the risks, the Mets have to go for the deep strike with Troy Tulowitzki.

Criticism of the Astros is about more than their draft missteps

It’s not just that the Astros made a series of missteps with this year’s draft, it’s their overwhelming arrogance and lack of humanity that is causing problems for them in their perception.

The Astros and the grand scheme with Brady Aiken

The Astros are currently being roasted for their failure to sign first overall draft pick Brady Aiken. But here’s why it’s not that big of a deal and the anger is based on an agenda against the entire way the Astros are being run.

Ominous signs for the Padres' GM search

The Padres are having an unusual and exhaustive search for their new GM. Is it because they’re doing their due diligence and know exactly what they want or is it because they’re looking for someone who’ll willingly walk into a dysfunctional situation?

MLB mid-season award winners – National League

Is it Tulowitzki or McCutchen for the MVP? Kershaw or Wainwright for the Cy Young Award? And what about the weak NL rookie class?

MLB mid-season award winners - American League

Technically, the All-Star break isn’t “mid-season”, but it’s as good a time as any to pick award winners. First the American League.

The news on Masahiro Tanaka is pseudo-bad for the Yankees, which is still bad

Masahiro Tanaka is trying to avoid Tommy John surgery. If he does, it won’t gloss over the Yankees’ problems. If he doesn’t, it exacerbates them.

The Masahiro Tanaka explosion and its blowback

Masahiro Tanaka’s injury is the least of the Yankees’ problems.

Mets' handling of Jon Niese and why they should keep Bartolo Colon

While there’s been talk that the Mets are willing to listen to offers on Bartolo Colon, the injury to Jon Niese shows why it’s probably not a good idea.