In defense of Mike Matheny

It’s hard to fathom even Mike Matheny believing the crap he spewed in justifying the reasoning of using Michael Wacha instead of Trevor Rosenthal. The truth might be somewhat more muddled.

Unfettered Friedman

Andrew Friedman will walk into a situation that is completely foreign to him. Like a kid who ate half his bag of Halloween candy and washed it down with a Red Bull infused Coca Cola, the entire situation with the Dodgers could overstimulate and overwhelm him in spite of his intelligence and preparedness.

Free spending Yankees go cheap in the blame game

I get it. It’s first base coach Mick Kelleher’s fault. He did it.

Hazing scandals give the public a glimpse of what they don't want to know

To think that the hazing and abuse that went on at Sayreville High School is isolated and unusual is naive at best and stupid at worst.

Blame Mattingly? Absolve Mattingly? Both? Neither?

The Dodgers lost in the playoffs again and manager Don Mattingly is likely to pay with his job. But is it his fault for organizational failings and moves that just didn’t work?

Politically correct managing in the nation's capital costs Matt Williams and the Nationals

Nationals manager Matt Williams made a paranoid and self-protective decision to pull starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann and it cost him.

Baseball fails to bend to Billy Beane and Michael Lewis - again (Part 2)

Maybe it’s time for Billy Beane to move on from the Athletics.

Baseball fails to bend to Billy Beane and Michael Lewis – again (Part 1)

Billy Beane’s Athletics lose in the playoffs again, this ruining the image crafted by Michael Lewis and destroyed by reality.

The hiring of A.J. Hinch shows the Astros are still Jeff Luhnow's team

Give Jeff Luhnow credit for one thing: he’s going out the way he came in.

The Astros manage to mar Jose Altuve's batting title by being the Astros

For a group of smart people, the Astros do a lot of stupid things. They proved it again with their micromanaging of Jose Altuve’s chase for the batting title.