How the Astros' gaffes and infighting affects Jeff Luhnow

Jeff Luhnow was once bulletproof in running the Astros. That is slowly changing.

Internal discord interrupts the Astros' grand plans

The Astros have had a bad year and it got slightly worse as it was reported that manager Bo Porter has been having issues with general manager Jeff Luhnow. How can this affect the club’s rebuild and what will happen to the participants?

The Belichick luck

Bill Belichick is an all-time great NFL head coach. He’s also been inordinately lucky since he took over the Patriots.

Incognito's return highlights NFL hypocrisy

Richie Incognito was unable to look for work for nine months for bullying allegations that might have actually been the responsibility of numerous entities other than him. Ray Rice was suspended for two games for knocking his fiancee unconscious and Josh Gordon might miss the whole year for smoking pot.

This is the NFL.

The Red Sox sign Rusney Castillo; the Yankees and Mets steer clear

There were reasons - sensible and not - that the Red Sox signed Rusney Castillo and the Yankees and Mets steered clear.

Yankees, Mets managerial scenarios to consider

If the Yankees do something stupid and fire Joe Girardi, the Mets must do something smart and hire him.

Matt Havey's diva act is growing tiresome

Matt Harvey is no longer acting like a baby. He’s acting like a petulant teenager and the Mets should treat him as such.

New York, New York – MLB management decisions and threats (Part 2)

Hal Steinbrenner can make all the threats he wants, but he’s never going to be able to crawl into his dad’s clothes and make them fit.

New York, New York – MLB management decisions and threats, Part I

The Mets having apparently decided to retain Terry Collins as manager is eliciting an intense reaction that he should be fired. Should he?

Justin Verlander and the ace mentality

Justin Verlander was likely dealing with a shoulder issue going back far longer than is being acknowledged. He pitched with it and pitched brilliantly. This is why an ace is someone who can’t be - won’t be - defined as one of the crowd.